Building Names and Uses

A post frame building is a type of building that over time has been called various names such as pole building, pole barn, pole shed, machine shed, storage shed and metal building just to name a few. Original pole barns consisted of a rough sawn lumber frame, debarked trees as poles, and corrugated galvanized steel sheathing for exterior coverings. The debarked trees kept round like a fence post or telephone pole created the most common names post frame building and pole building. These buildings were usually found on farms for livestock shelters, machinery sheds and hay storage. Cosmetically these buildings were not very attractive and structurally rough around the edges. Through advancements in structural engineering and building material today's post frame buildings have a wide range of versatility and style. With such a drastic change in appearance and design, pole buildings have many uses than just on the farm, such as:

Personal Uses



As you can see post frame buildings have a vast amount of uses to fit most building needs. Having the ability to accommodate the latest color trends, styles and designs means that the image of being a shed or barn is rapidly changing.