Standard Design Features

The standard design of our building incorporates superior material with quality workmanship providing a top of the line post frame building. Each building is pre-engineered to Wisconsin residential structural code guidelines.

Footings range from pre-cast concrete pads to custom poured concrete footings, set 48" to 60" below grade.

Post Types from solid sawn timbers to multi-ply engineered laminated columns. Post and columns are treated with preservatives to protect against rot, decay and insects.

Post and Truss Spacing range from 6' to 8' on center on the bearing walls. This spacing allows for building size and style flexibility.

Walls have arsenic free treated baseboards (grade board) at ground level. Wall framing above of #2 or better and/or 1650# MSR (Machine Stress Rated) lumber is used for the wall girts. Steel wall panels are applied directly to the wall girts. Corner and knee bracing for the walls are installed for added strength.

Engineered Roof System includes 1650# MSR purlins and engineered trusses set on notched columns. Notching the columns allows the weight of the roof system to be directly transferred to the columns and footings. Standard trusses include a ceiling load for the installation of ceiling steel. Wind and lateral bracing are added for strength.

Ventilation at the top of eave walls, gable walls and ridge is continuous allowing fresh air to pass through the attic.

Roof Overhang of 6" roof steel extended beyond eave walls is standard. Roof steel is ended at the outside edge of the gable walls and covered with steel corner trim. Optional 12" or 24" boxed overhang with steel soffit and fascia can be added to one or more walls for more character and appeal.

These design features are standard with every building. Many options such as doors, windows, wainscoting, boxed overhangs, etc. are available. See the Optional Features page or call 715-416-0925 for details.